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Lehigh Valley Rail Management LCC - Bethlehem Division (LVRB)

Location is one of the most important elements affecting a business. You want to be close to your customers, but at the same time, you don't want to pay high real estate prices. Bethlehem is the ideal place for you!

Bethlehem is in the Lehigh Valley, the fastest growing distribution center in the U.S, but without the traffic ongestion of New York and New Jersey. Just an hour from Philadelphia and less than two hours from New York, the Lehigh Valley gives companies access to more than 50 million consumers every day. Located near the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Bethlehem is just a short drive from anywhere in the Northeast.

Lehigh Valley Rail Management LLC - Bethlehem Division (LVRB) is located within the 1,600-acre Bethlehem Commerce Center, the former Bethlehem Steel manufacturing plant. Since 1995, this property has redeveloped into a thriving center of commerce. Commodities handled include, lumber, steel, plastic, agricultural products, carbon dioxide, and numerous other materials in container (cofc) and trailers (tofc).

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Bethlehem is close to these major cities:

- Philadelphia (1.00 hours)
- Baltimore (3.00 hours)
- Harrisburg (1.50 hours)
- Scranton (1.25 hours)
- New York (1.50 hours)
- Washington (3.50 hours)


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